Typical Insurance Repair Process.
Contrary to what you may have been led to believe, your insurance company does not usually require three  estimates but only one from the shop of your choice.

Your Insurance company will make some suggestions to you regarding reliable shops where you could possibly have your vehicle repaired.

1.  Notify your insurance company you want to come to us.
2.  We are set up with most major insurance companies
     with an online process by which they can send us an             estimate request (i.e. assignment) which contains all           the details of your coverage and description of                  damage which we download into an estimating                    program.
3. After the estimate is completed, we upload it back to          them along with photos of your vehicle and stated                damage which are reviewed by their appraisal unit.
4. The approval is given and we can go ahead and order          the  necessary parts, set your repair appointment and
    arrange a rental vehicle for you.
5. We keep you updated as to the repair progress of your 
    vehicle and call you when it is ready and delivered back      to you nice and clean. You can  drop off the rental              vehicle at our shop when picking up your vehicle if you        wish.

If we are not listed with your insurance company, you can still request they use us to repair your vehicle. They may ask you to drop off your vehicle so that they may send out a staff appraiser to see it or ask you to drop by a shop that is set up with them so they can write the estimate and then forward it to us. Or they may have their appraiser come to you. In any case, we have a lifetime warranty on repairs.

Photo Based Estimating (for your convenience)
This is a system whereby you can email us the necessary photos to enable us to write you an estimate without you actually coming to the shop. However, please bear in mind that because this estimate is written without physically examining the vehicle, sometimes the final cost of repairs can only be determined when the vehicle is brought in for closer examination, which may require some dismantling to see any hidden damage.
Your insurance company may have this option for you as well and ask you to upload your photos onto their site which they will then transfer to us.

Photos required:
If taken with a cell phone, please turn the phone sideways in order to get full larger shots.  

1. Full views of vehicle required from the front, rear,         
sides and from all 4 corners.

2. Photo of the 17 digit vin number behind the left              bottom corner of your windshield and the vin
    plate on the inside edge of the left  front door or lock      pillar. (not the tire information label).

3. Sit in the driver's seat with the belt on and turn on          your vehicle. Then take a full photo of your
    instrument cluster showing the odometer reading.

4. Close ups of damage from different angles showing            damaged areas (not too close).

5. Email them to us with a short description of how the        accident happened and what body damage you see.

   Send to: www.howdencollision.ca

   We will email your estimate back to you.